Thanks to performers and porch hosts who are the heart of this festival.

Many thanks to the generosity of the following:

And to our generous sponsors:

Centre Street Café, City Feed and Supply, Hyde Jackson Square Main Streets, Tres Gatos, Ula Cafe, and Vee Vee

To the following for their financial and/or in-kind support:

And to the following for their collaboration and support:

Bikes not Bombs, Boston Hassle, Bromley Heath Housing, Centre/South Main Streets, Egleston Square Main Streets, Franklin Park Coalition, Hyde/Jackson Square Main Streets, Hyde Square Task Force, JPForum, JPNet, South Street Youth Center

To the following for their starring roles:

To our Special Porch People:

Dustin Bell, Kaitlin Bresee, Norah Dooley, Ken Green, Molly Hamill, Andrea Lovett, Sasee Marcelino, Michelle Richardson, Paul Sedgwick, Peter Snoad, Mary Wallace

And for their important help:

And to our great team of volunteers, before and during the event!

These are our supporters at the time of printing. Apologies to anyone we overlooked.

Our thanks to everyone who contributed to another fantastic event!

Mindy Fried and Marie Ghitman, Co-Producers, Jamaica Plain Porchfest