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JP Porchfest
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO YOU ALL for making JP Porchfest 2017 a grand success! Thanks to the artists, the porch hosts, the volunteers, and to all the people who walked, biked, rode or otherwise traversed our wonderful community, making it the amazing place that it is. It’s up to us to keep that spirit alive, as we welcome and care for one another, not just people “like us”, but people from all backgrounds and universes. We are stronger and richer together!

Here’s one more “ask” if you're willing to Donate. We’d so appreciate a little financial support to cover all the expenses of making this vibrant festival come alive. Anything is welcome – small, medium and large! (speaking of sizes, if you’re interested in a t-shirt, they will continue to be on sale at On Centre!)

All our love,

The Porchfest Team

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