Porch Host Guidelines

All performers and audience members must be on the ground floor (or we can get into big trouble with city inspectional services!). Any outdoor space on your property will work (e.g. patio, driveway, yard)

Once you receive notice of the artists assigned to your porch (sometime in June), please coordinate with them regarding logistics (e.g. electricity, space)

Please keep music at a reasonable volume, try not to block traffic, and be respectful of neighbors’ yards so we won’t get complaints – this way the festival can continue for many more years to come!

Be mindful that there might be other porches nearby (ideally, talk to them in advance too).

Please welcome performers and festival attendees in whatever gracious ways you can! Many porch hosts offer treats to performers and audience members (but of course this is not required)

This is an all ages, alcohol-free event. Your help is appreciated in keeping the event safe for everyone.

We recommend putting out garbage/recycling pails to minimize messes.

While we’re sure most of your neighbors are aware of Porchfest, they may not be aware there will be performances on your porch. As the date approaches, take this as an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and invite them to your porch :)

Performers are encouraged to pass the hat or exchange merchandise for donations, but please no active selling.

Please help promote the event to family, coworkers, friends in the weeks leading up to the big day!

Our experience has been that this event is smooth and copacetic; if any issues arise we encourage you to work them out locally with patience and generosity. If you need support, there will be someone available to support you on the day of the event.